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The Leaves Are Changing

The nice Fall weather is a great time to cozy up next to the fireplace, but before you do give us a call to freshen up the carpets!  Fall Special!!  All Rooms $30 each!  Let us restore your carpet to like new!

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Is Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Good Or Bad?

Bonnet cleaning is also referred to as dry carpet cleaning.  This is not to be confused with low moister carpet cleaning like “Host Dry Carpet Cleaning”.  The term “bonnet” is referring to the pad used to absorb cleaning solution and dirt.  These pads are usually made of cotton or microfiber.  To spin the bonnet they use a rotary or oscillating buffer.  These machines can weigh up to 90 lbs.  With that kind of weight these machines can stretch carpet beyond repair.

The cleaning process with bonnet cleaning is: Vacuum, Spray cleaning agent on to carpet, machine over with bonnet, rake, and let dry.  This process is not a Deep Cleaning method.  Many commercial type carpets use this process to maintain carpet in between Deep Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction.  The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, suggests not using this method, especially on cut pile, due to pile distortion and fiber damage.  With this process it removes only topical dirt, and leaves residue re-soiling carpets quicker.

So to answer the question, is bonnet carpet cleaning good or bad?  It is ok for glue down carpet, only if you have it deep cleaned with in 2 months of the bonnet cleaning.  On any other carpet it is a bad idea.  With companies like Shaw and Mohawk you will void the warranty if you use this process.  So what is the best process in carpet cleaning you ask?  Check back and we will find out soon!

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Don’t Be Fooled By The Cheap Carpet Cleaning Prices!

How many carpet cleaning coupons have you seen in the paper or pop up online?  $9.95 a room!  $34.95 for five rooms!  Sounds great doesn’t it?!  There are two things to ask yourself when you see something like this.  Is this too good to be true and what’s the catch?  It is too good to be true and I will tell you why.
How often do you dust your house.  When you dust, do you wipe over everything real quick and move on?  No, you take time to get it clean.  If you have 6-12 months of dirt and grime in your carpets how long do you think it would take to have them cleaned properly?  The IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) suggest that for a normal size bedroom (140sqft) should take no less than 15 minutes to clean it properly.  If you were to have three bedrooms, a living room, and a dining room carpet cleaned, the minimum time to get it clean would be an hour and a half.  That is for the extraction only.  To have your carpet cleaned properly the steps the IICRC suggest are: 1) Dry vacuum, most of the large debris is extracted then.  2) Apply cleaning agent, allow 10 minutes to break down grime.  3) Agitate carpet and cleaning agent.  4) Extract (Hot water extraction).  5) Rake carpet fibers.  6) Let dry for 2-4 hours, if wet any longer may cause molding and mildew.  If you do not receive this care when your carpets are being cleaned, you are only getting wet floors and spot may come back.  The minimal time to do the job stated above would take no less than 2-2 1/2 hours.  From the business side, charging $9.95 a room you end up making less than $8 an hour at the most, after paying for all that it takes to run a business.  You don’t stay in business for long just making $8 an hour.  So how are they staying in business?  You don’t end up paying $9.95 a room, they will charge you 50, 60, up to 75% more to clean your carpet properly.
We take the time to clean right with no hidden prices or sales tactics.  We offer a superior cleaning for a great price and guaranty our work!

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Traffic Jam? The Unknown Cause For Taffic Stains.

Do you have traffic stains?  Where do they come from?
I think most people will be shocked to learn where the dark traffic stains come from.  One more question.  Do you tell everyone to take their shoes off before they walk on the carpet?  If you answer yes, that is where your problem may be.
Shoes are not the big problem, its your bare feet.  Oils from our feet are absorbed into the carpets.  Now listen I’m not telling you to where your work boots in the house, I am saying that your bare feet are the main cause of dark traffic stains in carpet.  So what to do, what to do?  There are a few small things that will help keep your carpets cleaner longer.  The first, house shoes, or socks.  Cover your feet when you’re walking around the house.  When you’re doing a little house cleaning make sure you have something on your feet.  The less your bare feet shuffle across the carpet, the less the oils will be absorbed and that gives dirt less places to stick to!  The second is rugs.  If you can place rugs in the high traffic areas this will reduce traffic stains and wear.  The third thing makes most people cringe, Vacuum!  Vacuum at least once a week.  You don’t have to vacuum every inch of carpet, just hit the traffic areas and this will give your carpet longevity!

Curing All Your In-Home Cleaning Needs!

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Pros Vs. DIY

Check this post by Linda Marshall.

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So What Ailments Do You Have?

This Blog is here for those of you that want inside answers to cleaning.  We will discus things like Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Tile & Grout, House Keeping, Office Cleaning, and many other topics.  So go ahead and sign up for our E-mail alerts and subscribe to this Blog site!  Lets “Cure” all the ailments you may have!

Curing All Your In-Home Cleaning Needs!

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