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Traffic Jam? The Unknown Cause For Taffic Stains.

Do you have traffic stains?  Where do they come from?
I think most people will be shocked to learn where the dark traffic stains come from.  One more question.  Do you tell everyone to take their shoes off before they walk on the carpet?  If you answer yes, that is where your problem may be.
Shoes are not the big problem, its your bare feet.  Oils from our feet are absorbed into the carpets.  Now listen I’m not telling you to where your work boots in the house, I am saying that your bare feet are the main cause of dark traffic stains in carpet.  So what to do, what to do?  There are a few small things that will help keep your carpets cleaner longer.  The first, house shoes, or socks.  Cover your feet when you’re walking around the house.  When you’re doing a little house cleaning make sure you have something on your feet.  The less your bare feet shuffle across the carpet, the less the oils will be absorbed and that gives dirt less places to stick to!  The second is rugs.  If you can place rugs in the high traffic areas this will reduce traffic stains and wear.  The third thing makes most people cringe, Vacuum!  Vacuum at least once a week.  You don’t have to vacuum every inch of carpet, just hit the traffic areas and this will give your carpet longevity!

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